hello hi goodbye bye
good bad sorry
eat drink water
sun moon mooncake cake
mother father
mom mommy dad daddy
grandfather and grandmother
grandpa and grandma
son daughter grandson granddaughter

run running
running water
running nose
jump shake nod head clap wave hand
foot feet ear stamp eye nose mouth book
touch sunflower flower small little big
come go up down left right wrong front behind
gold silver

happy sad boss box brain zoo birth birthday
place birthplace mark birthmark fire fireplace
man men fireman firemen woman women boy girl

color colour black white blue red green pink
yellow purple brown gray skyblue

animal rabbit dog fish monkey donkey bear
panda fox cat pig horse cow snake tiger lion
chicken duck pigeon crab goose wolf bee elephant
camel dragon ant ape bird sheep butter fly butterfly
frog shark mouse giraffe zebra seal sea turkey hen
lamb spider spider-man bat Batman octopus whale
tortoise crocodile leopard dinosaur

train car bike bicycle ship boat air airplane plane sky
bus buses truck river side riverside bank riverbank
bed riverbed room bedroom time bedtime lake lakeside
walk footwalk sidewalk cross crosswalk zebra crossing
away walk away walker sing singer dance dancer
song pen pencil gun desk table job

phone telephone call cell cellphone mobile mobile phone
sleep wall sleepy sleeping sleepwalk home family house
town work sick land land animals landmark
hometown homework homesick homeland motherland
new old news paper newspaper
day week month year

ball football basket basketball print footprint
school bag schoolbag china chinese

open close door window wind cloud dark dark clouds

this that these those and or

sit down stand up please

apple banana pear peach tree orange watermelon
strawberry straw pineapple pine mango pitaya

milk beef steak beefsteak bread fruit breadfruit
noodle dumpling ice icecream

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

today tomorrow yesterday

morning noon after afternoon evening

spring summer autumn winter season

zero one two three four five six seven eight nine ten
eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen
seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty thirty forty
fifty sixty seventy eighty ninety hundred thousand

holiday vacation summer vacation winter vacation
hot cold hot dog

first second minute hour third fourth fifth
sixth seventh eighth ninth tenth

January February March April May June July August
September October November December

tooth teeth brush my teeth
face wash my face
hair wash my hair

finger nail fingernail toe toenail
young old age baby kid child children
listen music musician read look see
draw find name middle last ask answer question
first name middle name last name family name
snow rain stars favorite food juice Coke
forest fire wood woods shoot bamboo bamboo shoots
welcome back coffee teach teacher study student
English math maths mathematics mathematician
here there over over there
friend friendly friendship we us
kiss show night fine fat thin
tall short smart stupid ugly beautiful handsome
east west south north great the Great Wall
language country countryside from
America American Spain Spanish
Germany German Japan Japanese
Italy Italian
hat toy grass grasses full empty egg
umbrella chair lamp lemon eraser onion
university his her some speak climb
swim swimming wallet socks watch TV television
tea tea milk lolipop candle
tomato tomatoes potato potatoes
ride drive speak swim swimming
glass glasses wing feather cup bottle wine
nut walnut vase pillow hanger
printer inkjet printer ink present
alligator Chinese alligator
doll cute monster rice shirt
thirsty hungry sure
on in near under
play game basketball game
movie film cinema
angry shy nervous
excited exciting
bored boring
interested interesting
ill scared know
tired confused annoyed
temperature thermometer
adjective noun real really
now blanket comfortable uncomfortable
cereal skin skinny
every body everybody lesson
expensive cheap long
deep shallow thick thin
Tree Planting Day
heavy light messy organized
napkin clean dirty both
ocean Oceania Antarctica map world
forget Australia Australian
North America South America
Europe Asia Asian Africa
they their nationality

the States
the United States (U.S.)
the United States of America (U.S.A.)
India Indian Hindi Brazil Brazilian
Portugal Portuguese many other
Standard Chinese Mandarin also
Egypt Egyptian Arabic Arab
Russia Russian staple stapler
medal marker marker pen
turn charger wall charger
lock pill medicine delicious
fan fans razor comb tape

how what who where let which
farm worm warm cold
love like can repeat
start restart end smile cry help
later early