Can I help you?
He put on a pair of glasses.
Today is my birthday. I want to bake a cake.
I will keep my word.
You have my word.

Thank you a thousand times, you're an angel.

What a din.

I'm scared.
I'm scared of my Dad.

I want the big one.
I want my car this colour
I want to go to shool.
I want to go home.

You can take photos here.
I want to take photos here.
You can see my tiger, if you look in the tree.

This sandcastle is good.
This sandcastle is better than that one.
This sandcastle is the best.

Put apples in your box.
Put books on your desk.
Have a go.
What a big dog!
Can you see my robot?
The sink was full of dirty dishes.
Let's dine out tonight, I'm too tired to cook.
I can cook with one hand.
Where do you live?
I live in Xuancheng.
Shoes off,please.

I like grape juice.
I like grape wine.
It is a bunch of flowers.
It is a bunch of grapes.
I hate Monday mornings.
Park the car.
Come and look at this.
Look at me.
Look at me on my bike.
Look after me.
"I am going." said Dad.
Go on.

Show me your books.
Happy new year.
Fire in the hole.
Here you are.
Welcome home.
Welcome back.
My favorite food is bread.
My favorite color is blue.
My favorites drink is coke, milk and juice.
My father is 35 years old.
Look at me.
See you.
See you later.
Listen to music and read.
Wash my face.
Wash my hair.
Brush my teeth.
This is my book.
These are my books.
Sing this song.
This is my grandma.
Open the door!
Close the window!
Today is Tuesday.
Tomorrow is Wednesday.
Yesterday is Monday.
Today is my father's birthday.
Answer my question.
Good night.
What's your name?
My name is Wu Yicheng.
What about you?
How are you? I am fine,thanks,and you?
Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you,too.
I am Wu Yicheng. I'm not a girl.
She is a girl. She is not a boy.
He is smart. He isn't stupid.
It is beautiful. It is not ugly
I am from China. I'm not from America.
You are tall. You are not Short.
You're 8 years old. You aren't 9 years old.
Am I handsome? Yes,I am.
Am I ugly? No,I am not
Am I a girl? No,I'm not.
Are you Chinese? Yes,you are.
Are you from America? No,you are not.
Are you 9 years old? No,you're not.
Is he short? Yes,he is.
Is he stupid? No,he is not.
Is she beautiful? Yes,she is.
Is she fat? No,she isn't.
Is she Japanese? No,she's not.
Is this an orange? No,it is not. It is an onion.
Is this an empty hat? No,it is not. It is full.
Is this a red car? No,it is not. It is yellow.
What is this?
This is a cup of water.
This is a cup of tea.
This is a glass of milk.
This is a bottle of milk.
This is a bottle of wine.
This is a book.
This is a walnut.
These are 8 walnuts.
These are two books.
What is that? That is a toy.
What are those? Those are toys.
How old are you? I'm 8 years old.
How old is your dog? My dog is 8 months old.
What is your dog's name? My dog's name is Friday.
Where are you from? I am from China.
Where is your dog from? My dog is from Italy.
How old is your mother's dog? My mother's dog is 2 years old.
Where is your mother's dog from?
My mother's dog is from Japan. So it is a Japanese dog.
Good Job!
What is your temperature?
I don't know.
Your hands are clean.
Are your hands clean?
Keep your hands clean.
I clean my room.
This classroom is very clean.
Both my mum and dad are teachers.
Both my mum and dad are 35 years old.
Both napkins are clean.