We reach Hangzhou at 2 o'clock.
The rope was plenty long enough to reach the ground.
Please keep those medicines out of the children's reach.
Could you help me to get book from the highest bookshelf ? It's out of my reach.

She was wearing an expensive new outfit.
She bought a new outfit for her daughter's wedding.

Victory is now out of her reach.
I can't tell you how sweet this victory is.

You can't defeat me.
A mouse could never defeat a cat.
No one can defeat you but you defeat yourself.
I will remember this defeat and I will pay you back.

They even dressed alike.
My sister and I do not look alike.
He stuck his gloves in his pocket.
It's so cold outside that she had to put on her gloves.
Put on mittens and go outside, but don't forget to put on your boots and scarf.

Jason and Andy are twins.
I can never tell the difference between the twins.
The twins are so alike, it's difficult to tell the difference.

I'll see whether she's at home
I'm not sure whether I should tell you this.
I'm coming to see you whether you're ready or not.

Is your mother still alive ?
She had to steal food just to stay alive.
Doctors kept the baby alive for six weeks.
We don't know whether he's alive or dead.

Her books are about village life.
The whole village was invited to the party.

What a lovely girl she is!
It was a lovely day so I walked home.
There's a lovely wood just behind our hotel.

If you know you pain , thank goodness , you still alive.
Thank goodness, the old man is getting better and better.

Could I trouble you to open the window, please?
Sorry to trouble you, but could you tell me the time?

It is kind of you to help us out of trouble.
What do you think I can do to get out of the trouble?
A woman was having some trouble with her heart, so she went to see the doctor.

The meat needs to stew for two hours.
Mother stewed the chicken for a long time.

Just a moment, please. I'll check for you.
Check the oil and water before setting off.
‘Is Mary in the office?’ ‘Just a moment. I'll go and check.’

Please take a seat.(= sit down)
He put his shopping on the seat behind him.
There were no seats left so I had to stand up.

Tie a belt on your waist.
Was she wearing a seat belt?
She wore a beautiful belt around her waist.
He put his arm around her waist.

His death was very sudden.
You frightened me with that sudden noise.

It all happened so suddenly.
Suddenly a football hit him on his head.
You walk on and on. Trying to find your way out. Suddenly you see a castle.

One day a goat started to cross a little bridge.
One day, a man bought a goat and carried it home.

What's for supper?
I'll do my homework after supper.
We'll have an early supper tonight.

He coloured the picture with crayon.
We often play "Hide and Seek" in PE class.
The children spent the whole afternoon together playing hide and seek.

I think I locked the door, but I'll just go back to make sure.
I think I should come with you to make sure that everything is OK.
Check your car before you drive to make sure that your lights are working.

Let your body relax.
Relax! Everything will be OK.
Relax. It is just a piece of cake for you.
I'm going to spend the weekend just relaxing.

You look very relaxed.
It was a real nice and relaxed weekend.
That game make us very happy! We all feel relaxed.

She joined the company in 2019.
It's the world's biggest computer company.
Tell me what you know about this company.
The water comes from an old and deep well.

I'm already late.
Is it 10 o'clock already?
Half (of) the work is already finished.
The sun was already up when they set off.

Her parents died a long time ago.
Long long ago, a frog lived in a well.
He married his wife Jane 37 years ago.
She joined the company three months ago.

Smoking gives you bad breath.
Don't smoke, keep fresh breath.
Hold your breath or he will find us.
Please wait a minute, let me catch my breath.
I held the flower up to my nose and took a deep breath.
Every morning I open the window and take a breath of fresh air.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply.
She was beginning to breathe more easily.
You can take a walk and breathe fresh air in the garden.

Take a deep breath and see how long you can stay underwater.
Stay relaxed and breathe in and out slowly. Make sure you don't hold your breath.

Did you receive the email that I sent a few days ago?
I do not receive your message, please resend it to me.
Can you send her an email,she did not receive the letter?

He sent me a message yesterday.
Did she leave a message before she went?
There were no messages for me at the hotel.
Sorry, she isn't here at the moment. Can I take a message for her?

You're probably right.
‘Do we need the car?’ ‘Probably not.’
We probably need to think about getting out of here.
She'll probably be back in an hour. Do you want to leave a message ?

I'll love you forever!
Why are you forever asking questions?
I think that we will live together forever.
After her death, their lives changed forever.

'Is it safe?' — 'Of course it is.'
Do you want to move out? Of course not.

It's too late to save her now.
She was too shy to ask anyone for help.
They were too poor to buy shoes for the kids.

My name is spelt wrong.
Can you spell my name?
Did I spell your name right?

We have to use a spell to make a fire.
Of course. I told you she would break the spell.

I didn't dare look at him.
How dare you talk to me like that?
He didn't dare (to) say what he thought.

He had no choice but to leave.
This colour wasn't my first choice.
How much time do I have to make a choice?

Most of the houses are built of stone.
Some children were throwing stones into the lake.

He could turn stone into gold.
Do you think this frog can turn into a prince?

Turn back to page one, please.
We have no choice but to turn back.

There was nowhere for me to sit.
This animal is found in Australia, and nowhere else.

How heavy is the crown?
I won't give you my crown.

I have no place else to go.
Does anyone else want to come?
I don't want anything else, thanks.

He was sent to prison for five years.
I heard Tom was in the prison. Don't you worry about him?

I need you to watch the prisoner tonight.

She gave me some sharp knives.
They have sharp teeth to catch fishes.
Using sharp scissors, make a small cut in the paper.

It was cold there even in summer.
I'll get there, even if I have to walk.
She didn't even say goodbye to her mother.

Let's move to the next point.
Can you explain that point again?
Look at the point of the pencil.

It is a sharp, pointed weapon.

This robe is so soft and comfortable.

Drop your weapon!
Put the weapon on the ground!

Please give that broom to me.
Please sweep the floor with a broom.

Wind power is cleaner than coal.
I will do everything in my power to help you.

Eason is a rich and powerful man.
English will be a powerful weapon in my life!
You're a powerful man,people will listen to you.

We need new product to sell.
How much will you spend to buy this product?

She's a very popular writer.
Miss Yang is one of the most popular teachers in our school.

Who is your favorite pop star?
Jack sang us a pop song at the party .

I cut them all a piece of birthday cake.
I cut a piece of birthday cake for them all.
Give me a piece of paper, please.
He wrote his name down on a piece of paper.

The product is at the design stage.
This is one of our most popular designs.
I can't explain how much I love this design, it's my favourite one!

He was able to help design and build the house.
He may be able to leave hospital early next week.

Snow covered the ground.
She covered her face with her hands.
She covered the food with a piece of cloth.

These kinds of apples are sour.
I don't like grapes, they're sour.

Please don't yell at me.
I'm sorry I yelled at you last night.

I don't want to get up. It's too late now, anyway.
I don't think we'll make it, but let's try anyway.

He cleans his car once a week.
I go swimming twice a week.
We go there maybe once or twice a month.

I brush my teeth three times a day.
The last time I saw him was in May.
Every time I hear that song I feel happy.

Final question comes from me.
Tina wants to pass the final exam.
Please remember you should make your own final decision.

Finally, thank you for helping me.
I got first place in this exam. Finally!
I just wanted to let you know, how much I finally pay.

This was a huge shock for me.
Her death was a shock to him.

They were shocked at the news.
I was shocked to hear of his death.
The child's bad language shocked his mother.

My bicycle had a puncture.
Somebody helped me to mend the puncture.
I hope I don't puncture my bouncy castle.
Some glass on the road punctured my new tyre.

She taught me how to change a tyre.
The driver lost control when a tyre burst.
His car lost control after a tyre was punctured.

She doesn't live here any more.
Why doesn't he speak to me any more?

Did you take notes in the class?
He took out his notebook and began to take notes.

She put the money into her purse.
I bought a spool of yarn yesterday.

He put his hand on Pete's shoulder.
He carried the child on his shoulders.

There's a big sign in front. You can't miss it.
The sign on the wall said ‘Now wash your hands’.

I can bounce the ball.
The house was filled with bouncy toys.
The ball bounced twice before he got it.

He removed his hand from her shoulder.
"Would you please remove the chair in the way and let me pass? " he asked.

The new store will be open in the spring.
Why don't you come with me to the store?

Her eyes filled with tears.
Fill in your full name and address.

Irons are easy to rust.
It'll rust if you leave it out in the rain.
How can I remove the rust from the iron door?

I'm interested in that rusty old bike.
We drive around town in a rusty old truck.

‘I don't like it.’ ‘Me either.’
Peter can't go and I can't either.
I do not like learning all day, but I do not like playing all day, either.
He said he did not hate her, but he also said he did not love her either.

Which way is north?
Which way did they go?
Which one do you like best?
Which is the largest city in the world?

Take care of yourself! Be careful of yourself!
I'm not worried about her,she can take care of herself.

Where's all my stuff?
I don't know how you can eat that stuff!
Could you move all that stuff off the table?

My suitcase was full of books.
Everyone cheered and clapped.
People were cheering and jumping up and down.

I wondered what that noise was.
Mary wondered where to go the next day.
I wondered how can you spend so much money for that.

We swam in the calm sea.
Please calm down! We'll find her.
I kept telling myself to keep calm.

Promise me you'll take care of yourself.
Promise me you will not waste your time.
I can promise you, you'll have a wonderful time.

She has a high voice.
Keep your voice down.
I could hear voices in the next room.
'I promise,' she said in a small voice.

Could you turn the sound up/down ?
Sound travels more slowly than light.
Sound travels better in water than in air.

She decided to sound the alarm.
When I saw the smoke, I tried to sound the fire alarm.

I set the alarm clock for 7 o'clock.
He set his alarm clock and then went to bed.

I set a trap for mice.
The farmer set a trap for rats.
Set the alarm for 7 o'clock.
Could you set the table for dinner?
I come to tell you to set up a meeting this afternoon.
I set up the computer so that they could work from home.

The fox was caught in the trap.
My trap is empty, said the hunter.
It's a trap too many people fall into.
The police set a trap to catch the thief.

But to my great surprise, there was a big fish on the hook.

It was nice of you to invite us.
Who did you invite to the party?
The whole family was invited to the party.
I'll invite people if you can organize food and drinks.

Does Ann like yogurt? Yes, she like.
There's a yogurt left if you're still hungry.

Let's go out for some fresh air.
Fresh fruits and vegetables are important to us.

Three months after his death, she still felt empty.
I'm sorry to hear your grandmother's death. When did you see her the last time?

The captain invited us to have dinner with him in the ship's dining room.
I said goodbye to the captain, left the ship, and went to begin a new life.

It's easy to say, but difficult to do.
She finds it very difficult to get up early.
It is difficult for young people to find jobs.

Let's go to the beach.
We're going to the beach for vacation.

A coconut tree is in front of my house.
He went to get some fresh coconut milk.

Can you freeze this cake?
The smile froze on her lips.
The cold weather had frozen the ground.
Two men froze to death on the mountain.
Two men were frozen to death on the mountain.

What a waste of paper!
It's a waste of time and energy.
In my view it was a waste of time.
Why waste money on clothes you don't need?
You're wasting your time trying to explain it to him.

Let's sit down and count the money.
I must count how much we have spent today.
Count and see how many trees there are in a row.
I'm trying to count the stars. You're wasting your time.

How many soft toys do you have?
I like to sleep on a nice soft bed.
Which one do you want, a soft one or a hard one?

Wait for the concrete to go hard.
I can feel something hard in my pocket. I think it's a key.

Why was the field full of corns?
People were working in the fields.
How many ducks can you see in the field?
He spends a lot of time working in the fields.

How much did you pay for the golden watch?
The fields around us looked like a golden sea.
Fields are full of golden corn and green plants.
The golden leaves fall from the trees on the ground.

Let's forget the whole thing .
He spent the whole day writing.
Darling, I love you, and I only go with you in my whole life!
The children have stayed at home for a whole day, just let them go out for fun.

I can give up the whole world but you.
Never give up! But say it easy, do it difficult.
Don't give up, the beginning is always the hardest.
Please don't give up trying to do what you really want to do.

Please keep on driving.
Don't keep on bothering me.
I'm so sorry to keep on bothering you.
Did he give up or keep on trying?

We watched scary movies.
It was a really scary moment.
How could she laugh like this? She looks scary.

Are you itching?
I itch all over.
My skin starts to itch.

I feel a pain in my left arm.
You brought me nothing but pain .

My heart is very painful.
Is your back still painful?

They told me I needed a new battery.
Last time my cell phone was out of battery.

We spent the weekend in Paris.
She spent £100 on a new dress.
I spent most time on the first question.
We don't want to spend too much money.

Don't lie to me!
She lies about her age.
Is it a lie or is it true?
Would you lie about how much you spend?
You could see from his face that he was lying.

Wake up and listen!
You have to wake up now, baby.
Wake me up at six tomorrow morning.
Every morning they had to wake up at 5 o'clock.
Wake up, Mum! Smoke! There is a fire in the kitchen.

I'm sorry,I can't remember your name.
Remember that we're going out tonight.
Can you remember how much money we spent?

I don't believe in ghosts.
I can cross the wall, like a ghost!
The sword was too heavy, it fell from my hands.

Did you hurt yourself?
She fell and hurt her leg.
She felt so hurt she cried.
Be careful, you will get hurt.
The little boy was hurt on his way home from school.

His life was full of adventures.
All the boys told lies about their adventures.
I set off for a new adventure in the United States.

She was a brave woman.
It was a brave decision.
What a brave young man! = How brave the young man is!
It's brave of you to go into the burning building to save the baby!

Don't go without me.
Don't go out without your coat.
Fish cannot live without water.
He left without saying goodbye.
Can you see without your glasses?

We all know it's against the law.
She felt that the world was against her.
It's brave of her to fight against the thief.
Driving at night without lights on is against the law.

She's a bright kid.
She gave me a bright smile.
Do you have any bright ideas?
She was wearing bright red lipstick.
This young musician has a bright future.
I closed my eyes against the bright light.

Sam has a wide mouth.
How wide is that stream?
The hole is 2 feet long, 2 feet wide and 2 feet deep.

Can I borrow your slipper?
The slipper doesn't fit so right.
I often wear slipper in my garden.

The magic key is growing.
The glowworm isn't a worm.

She's a very special friend.
The food was ok, but nothing special.
He will teach you a special handshake.
I think you're a really special person and a great friend.

The national flag is flying in the air.
What are the colors of our national flag?
She waved the red flag for the car to stop.
First of all, please all rise, raising the national flag.

We have to make a decision today.
Please let me make a decision myself.
Please let me know your decision before the end of the day.

He shares a house with three other students.
Eason shared his chocolate with the other kids.
The two friends shared everything , they had no secrets.

He tugged the door open.
He tugged the hat down over his head.
We tugged so hard that the rope broke.

You can skip the meeting if you want.
Thin people don't sit still or skip breakfast.
If mum and dad find out that I let you skip school, they'll kill me.

We heard steps outside.
I'll explain it to you step by step.
Do you understand what I'm trying to explain?
I can't understand the word. Could you explain it to me again?

He set off by taxi.
We are ready to set off.
It was raining hard when we set off.

Could you help me a moment?
Could you wait a moment, please?
This is the happiest moment of my life!
One moment, please ( = Please wait a short time ) .

She bit her lower lip.
She kissed him on the lips .
I must learn to bite my lip.

She was wearing red lipstick.
I need to put some lipstick on.
What lipstick do you use? I love it.

She always has an excuse for being late.
Late again! What's your excuse this time?

Excuse me. How much is the beef?
Excuse me, grandfather. Can I speak with you for a moment?
When you have to leave your seat, you need to say "Excuse me for a moment, please. "

He's waiting for you at his office.
This is our new office, I will show you around.

The police officer took my name and address.
He wants to be a police officer when he grows up.

I make it a rule to get up early.
Let's make it a rule to sleep before 11 o'clock.
First, I'll explain the rules of the game.
The teacher came in and a ruler was in his hand.

He knew how much I wanted to become a lawyer
His father was a lawyer and his mother was a teacher.

He studied law in London.
By law, you are a child until you are 18.
His lawyer said he did not break the law.
Her mother-in-law helps her to take care of her child.

Most people obey the law.
He didn't obey the traffic rules.
People do not question me , they listen and obey.

Going to bed late is a bad habit.
You should get out of that bad habit.
You need to change your eating habits.

This is a pencil case.
The case was full of clothes.
I bought a case of wine yesterday.

I hid behind the bush.
The bushes and trees were blowing in the wind.

It's very important to me.
I have something important to tell you.

Do you konw the importance of the plan?
Could you tell the importance of English?

Next time I'll bring a book.
Bring your own toilet paper.
Don't forget to bring your books with you.
This ring has always brought me good luck.

I'm so glad to see you.
I'm glad to hear you're feeling better.
‘I passed the test!’ ‘I'm so glad (for you).’

He tied a scarf around his neck.
She tied her scarf over her head.

I knitted this scarf myself.
Where's my knitting?
Lucy was sitting on the sofa, knitting.
She's knitting her husband a pair of socks.

Is your sister older or younger than you?
My older brother lives and works in Los Angeles.
James looks younger than his wife but he is five years older.
There were two empty beer bottles on the table.

He went out to water the plants.
It's very dry, we must water the roses.

Pasta is one of my favorite foods.
My younger brother likes to eat pasta.

How much is a hair cut?
Dad cut a hole in the hose.
Now cut the tomatoes in half.

Let me pour the beer for you.
Pour the sauce over the pasta.
Would you pour me a cup of tea, please?

The school is built of bricks.
The brick hit him in the head.

I fell over and cut my knee.
Come and sit on Daddy's knee.

He dropped his trousers.
Mother bought me a pair of trousers.

Don't burst that balloon!
That balloon's going to burst.
You feel so full you think you are going to burst.

It's a tricky job.
It's a tricky question.
This is a tricky question for me to answer.

Dad put a patch on the water butt.
The patch on the little boy's shirt is so big.
The boy's trousers need a patch on the knee.

We can patch up those holes.
She is learning how to patch clothes.

The roof was leaking.
I need to take a leak!
This bottle is leaking, Use a different one.
The neighbors came out of their houses to see if we had a gas leak.

I'm not much good at tennis.
He is a very good tennis player.
I like most sports but tennis is my first love.
We often play table tennis together and she's very good at it.

Can you guess his age?
Guess what! He's asked me out!
Guess who I saw at the party last night!
I guess you'll be looking for a new job now.

Nothing pleased him. He was always unhappy
The result will please you and save you money.

Are you pleased with the result?
She was very pleased with her exam results.
He did not look too pleased when I told him.
I'm really pleased that you're feeling better.

Don't tear the paper.
Did you tear this book?
I tore open the box.
He tore the letter in two(in half).
He tore a hole in his shirt.

Hold your speed at 70.
The train is speeding up.
The train is losing speed.
The train is slowing down.
The speed of the boat was too fast.
The engine is very noisy at high speed.

He wore a grey suit.
My suit needs pressing.

I made a gentleman 's agreement with him .
They had an agreement never to talk about work at home.

May I help you to measure?
How do we measure the speed?
We measured the difference in temperature.

Let me take the measurement for you.
Let me take your measurement, please.
Do you know your measurements(= the size of your body) ?

What time do you finish work?
The work was finished on time.
I need about an hour to finish this.
It's easy for her to finish this work.
Can you finish the work by five o'clock?

I don't believe you!
Believe me, she's not right for you.
Believe it or not, what I said just now is true.
If you don't believe me, go and see for yourself!
Don't believe everything you read in the newspapers.

Can I borrow your pen?
Can I borrow a pen from you?
She borrowed ¥200 from her parents.
Is it OK if I borrow the car, Dad?
I don't like to borrow the money from friends.

Let's begin at page 9.
Open your books at page 25.
All right class, turn to page 20.
The report is only three pages long.
Could I have ten copies of this page, please?

The groom was waiting his beautiful bride.
The groom put a ring on his new wife's finger.
The bride and groom only met on their wedding day.

May I come in?
May I sit here?
Don't go ─ I might need you.
You may come in if you wish.
May I borrow it for a day or two?

Where did you get that skirt?
How beautiful your skirt is!
The skirt looks nice on you.

I declare this bridge open.
Do you have anything to declare?
The teacher declared the results of the test.

What's the material of this jacket?
Can I take this material home with me?
Can you make this material into a skirt?

She was a bridesmaid at the wedding.
There is a maid to do the housework.
A young maid married to an old man.
The bridesmaid and the best man are present.
You're the best man at my sister's wedding.
I now declare you to be husband and wife. Eason, you may kiss your bride.

Will you marry me?
She married a German.
They plan to get married in the summer.
He asked me to marry him and I said yes.
Are you changing your name when you get married?

Do you believe in magic?
One minute the glass was there, then it was gone, it was like magic!
Hello! It is a fine day today! Let me show you a magic! You will like it!

It was a magician who played magic.
The magician is waving a magic wand.

What does a wizard look like?
What colour is the wizard's house?

A queen becomes a witch.
The prince was turned into a frog by the witch.

The fire is going out. Please add some wood.
You can add what I said just now to your report.

The view is wonderful!
They have a wonderful house.
We had a wonderful time last night.

I won the first prize.
The winner of the first prize is Eason.
Who do you think will win the first prize?

Gas is coming down in price.
The price of gas is coming down.
How much are these? They don't have a price on them.

Don't bother me with this and that.
Stop bothering me when I'm working.
Let me know if he bothers you again.
Sorry to bother you, but there's a call for you.

I had a letter from my sister.
There's no date on this letter.
We could write a letter to your father.
What do the letters SOS mean?
What is the middle letter in the word 'son'?

I'll do you a copy.
I'll do a copy for you.
I will send you a copy of the report.
Also, you can copy and send it to your friends.
Please add paper to the copier.

The dog ran after the thief.
The thief was jailed for one month.
A thief ran off with hundreds of pounds yesterday.

The thieves cut a hole in the fence.
Watch your bag ─ there are thieves around.

He stole her money.
He stole money from her.
My wallet was stolen.
How much money was stolen?

Did you see that boy steal the money from that man?
"I'll never steal again! " cried Tom. "Only let me out, and I'll never steal again! "

I'm trying to send an SMS.
Do you want to send an E-mail?
The children were tired, so I sent them to bed.
She sent word she could not come.

We wish her luck in her new career.
She's built a new career for herself.

I miss my family a lot.
I miss my family very much.
You don't know how much I miss you!
You have no idea how much I miss you!
If I don't leave now I'll miss my plane.

When do I get out jail?
The policeman want to put him in jail.
I heard he's going to jail for five months!

We caught the last bus home.
I had to run to catch the bus.
How many fish did you catch?
In the end the 'bad guys' are caught and sent to jail.

Thanks to him I began to love my career.
Thanks to her help, I didn't miss the train.
Thanks to the rain, we had to stay inside all day.

The house next door was burgled.
His house was burgled last night.

The burglar broke into my home.
The burglar broke in and stole my money.
The burglar used a ladder to break into the house.

Don't wipe your nose with your hands.
Don't wipe your hands on your clothes.
Baby, don't cry, Wipe your tears.
I have to wipe my feet every time I come in.

It rained on the wedding day.
It rained on the day of the wedding.
She looked beautiful on her wedding day.
Today is our wedding anniversary.
Tomorrow is your school anniversary.

Use a camcorder or camera to record the view.
We watched the wedding video.
All you have to do is make a home video.
Can I take a video of that building?
And then she asks if she can show me some videos.

It's bad for your health to go to bed late.
Don't watch TV all day. It's bad for your health.
His wife Amanda said she had no worries about his health.

This book is healthy for you to read.
You must look after yourself and keep healthy.
Early to bed and early to rise, makes me healthy.
The book says eating good food can help people keep healthy.

Two plus five is seven.
Two plus five makes seven.
What's seven plus nine?

Seven minus three is four.
Nine minus five leaves four.
The temperature is now minus 10 degrees.
The temperature went down to minus ten last night.

We need to use the new vaccine.
The world is still waiting for the birth of a new vaccine.

Is the flu vaccine safe?
I was stuck at home with flu.
How much do you know about bird flu?

I know what you mean.
What do you mean, bro?
What does this sentence mean?
The red light means (that) you must stop.

Can you keep a secret?
I want to tell you a secret.
What's the secret of your success?
Write down the secret place on the paper.

Stop splashing me!
Water splashed onto the floor.
My clothes were splashed with mud.
He splashed cold water on his face.
He splashed his face with cold water.

You needn't worry.
Don't worry about me.
Don't worry, Eason, I won't let you down.
Is anything wrong? You look worried.
Talk to your doctor if you're still worried.

The tiger went back to its den.
I can see the branches of the trees.
I saw a man saw a log with a saw.
She went to warm her hands by the log fire.

Please keep your dog under control!
Don't worry ─ everything's under control!

He lost control of himself and hit her.
I don't want to lose control of my life again.

The fire was out of control.
' She's out of control! ' I thought.

He followed her into the house.
Follow me please. I'll show you the way.
Follow this road until you get to the school, then turn left.

Can't you control your children?
She lost control of her car.
She lost control of her car on the ice.

China is a very old nation.
Pandas are the treasures of our nation!
We are a great nation, the leader of the world.

Happy National Day to all of you!
What are the colors of our national flag?
Today is National Day. It was a fine day for going out.

He is ready to lead this nation.
Jack led the way down the rock.
You lead the way and I'll follow you.

Dogs must be kept on a lead in the park.
You must keep your dog on a lead in the park.
If you can't control your dog, put it on a lead.

It's a dangerous path.
The path was cool and dark.
We walked together up the garden path.

We found a cool place to sit.
I think their new song's really cool.
'Can you come at 10.30 tomorrow?' 'That's cool'

Maybe you should tell her.
Maybe it cost too much money.
Maybe he'll come, maybe he won't.
Maybe one day you'll find true love.

Fifty pounds is the best I can give you.
It will cost two, maybe three hundred pounds.

We must think of the cost.
It cost him five hundred.
How much does the jacket cost?

I can't find clothes to fit me.
This is not a fit place for you to live.
Try these shoes for size ─ they should fit you.

Look, I think we should go now.
You should look out for yourself.
I think we should go back to first place.

He invented a new game.
How do you invent a language?
I'm going to invent a new robot.
I can see you're trying to invent something!
You kids just like to invent more work for me.
He is the inventor of the robot.

That jacket was a really good buy.
This jacket is just my size.
The jacket was the wrong size.
They didn't have the jacket in my size.

He put the poster on the wall.
They are putting up a poster.
The poster reads “No smoking!”

The glass was half full.
His eyes were half closed.
Half of the money was mine.
The time is now half past ten.
The chicken was only half cooked.

Good luck! I hope it goes well.
Tell him I wish him good luck!
You're out of luck(= bad luck) . She's not here.
You're in luck(= lucky) ,there's one ticket left.
Lucky for you , there's one ticket left.
I'm a lucky man.

Wish me good luck!
We wish you every success.
The prince's wish came true.
I wish you to help me with this.
Do you wish you had a better job?
Give my good wishes to the family.

Wait for me!
Who are you waiting for?
What are you waiting for?
I can't wait to get back home.
I had to wait half an hour for a bus.
There are two people waiting outside.
We had a long wait for the bus.
Wait a minute, guys, something is wrong here.

He doesn't know how to paint a lion's paw.
Let's split this fifty-fifty.
The board was so dry that it split open.
She split the money she won with her brother.

They came back to view the house again.
We stood up to get a better view.
In my view he was a good guy.
There was nobody in view.
I didn't have a good view of the stage.
We like the view of the countryside.

I got my exam results today.
I think I did OK in the exam.
Don't move until I tell you.
Let's wait until the rain stops.
You can stay until morning, if you wish.

You choose, I can't decide.
It's time for her to choose a dress.
We chose to go by train.
I decide to buy the blue coat.
First I had to decide what to wear.
I can't decide to go to see a film or to watch TV at home.

If you want to pass the exam, you must study hard.
I saw someone pass, but I don't know who it was.
I forgot my password.
You will get the password soon.
One day you'll understand.
I don't understand what you are talking about.

I won't go until I'm good and ready.
'I'm ready to go now.' he told her.
He's always ready to help his friends.
Right, I'm ready for bed.
I was very angry and ready for a fight.
Can you help me get everything ready for the party?
He had to decide between the two.
I had to choose between the two jobs.
There's an age difference between the boys.

The party was a big success.
They didn't have much success in life.
Their success was the result of hard working.
The party was very successful.
I want to become a successful writer.
He worked hard that's why he was so successful.

The results of the test were very successful.
Tell me. How can I help you to pass the test?
"I'm ready to go out into the world and test myself. " he said.
It was hard to tell the difference between the two samples.
She doesn't understand the difference between right and wrong.
Children must be taught the difference between right and wrong.

When can I get my test results?
There's no difference in the results.
The end result is very good and very successful.
Every autumn I go to the county fair.
These horses were the best in the county.

I think the desk is broken.
I found a lot of broken glass.
The broken window let the wind in.
What does it say on your computer screen?
It's time to see the results on the screen.
Come in,take a seat.
Please keep me a seat.
Can I change seats with you?

He wrote his number on the bat.
Now swing your bat like I do.
Could you mend my bike for me?
This car was mended by him last week.
They took a long time to mend the roof.
Look. I found a nice skateboard.
They carry the food on a skateboard.

Can we swap places? I can't see the screen.
I'll swap these two bottles for that one.
I swapped my red scarf for her blue one.
He swapped his old car for a new motorcycle.
We swapped seats with the people next to us.
Your book looks more interesting than mine . Do you want to swap with me ?

His motorcycle was parked under the bridge.
He came here and rode his motorcycle to the county fair.
A nurse began to try to save his life.
The nurse stuck the needle into my arm.

Did you hear the storm last night?
The storms took the lives of 50 people.
I'll call you a taxi.
I'll call a taxi for you.
I came home by taxi.
He had to go to work by subway.
Do you go to school by bus or by subway?

The wind is blowing from the south.
A cold wind blew from the east.
My hat blew off.
Sand blew in our eyes.

We didn't go far.
That's a far better idea.
We are not far from my home now.
You look different than before.
Look left and right before you cross the road.
I didn't have time to change clothes before the party.
He's a really nice guy.
He was a very funny guy.
Hi, guys. How are you doing?

She's far better at science than her brother.
Welcome to science class. So good to see you guys today.
He's a young scientist.
He is a writer first and a scientist second.
Children like to eat the biscuit.
He had some biscuits before the dinner.
I can make cakes, but I can't make biscuits.

Show me a sample, please.
The scientists are taking water samples from the river.
You need to put a full stop at the end of every sentence.
"Write down these sentences and keep them in mind, please. " said the old teacher.

Do you still live at the same address?
The same thing happened to me last week.
She is the same height as her sister.
Let's play a different game.
You look different than before.
You can eat different kinds of food from different countries.

This clock doesn't go.
That clock is ten minutes fast.
The clock said four minutes past eleven.
I go to work at 8 o'clock.
The clock said three o'clock.
I have a history class at 9 o'clock.

It's my first visit to New York.
I'll visit her if I have time.
He was visited by an old friend from Iraq.
People come to visit the castle every day.
One weekend, I went to visit my grandparents in the countryside.
If you want to know more about me, please visit my website.

I put more coal on the fire.
Wind power is cleaner than coal.
I'll come and see you soon.
You'll soon feel well again.
I can't move my fingers.
Don't move the things on my table.
I can only move it with your help.

I'm paid $100 a day.
I'll pay for the tickets.
They are paid by the hour.
Her parents paid for her to go to Canada.
Her job is hard work, but the pay is good.
Did you ask the price?
What price did you pay for this desk?
How much are these? They don't have a price on them.

Can you find Black Hill on the map?
We climbed to the top of the hill.
What's the highest mountain in the US?
Snow was falling on the mountain tops.
The price of gas rose.
Gas rose in price.
Gas is coming down in price.
Gas is cheaper than coal.

The river is rising after the heavy rain.
I asked for a pay rise and she agreed.
The sun was rising over the hills.
The next morning I was the first to rise.
Call me when you rise from bed. = Call me when you get up.
The price of gas rose.
She rose from the chair.

They live at number 26.
My phone number is 266998.
If you need any help, here's my number.
What's the date today?
What's the date of your move?
I have a date with Bob.
I put that wallpaper up with my own two hands.
I don't like the wallpaper on my computer.
I roped myself to the chimney.
Smoke was rising from the chimney.

Do you know his address?
I'll give you my address and phone number.
Please give your name, address and date of birth.
He's strong enough to lift a car!
They used a crane to lift the car.
Can you help me lift this heavy box?
Be careful of the traffic.
Please be more careful in future.
You must be more careful with your work.

There is still some space in the cab.
Can you play the piano?
He is learning to play the piano.
I taught myself how to play the piano.

The statue was moved to a new site.
The site of the new building is next to the park.
The school has a new website address.
In high school, I built my first website.
This machine is called a crane.
We used a crane to lift the piano into the house.

What a nice surprise!
I have a surprise for you!
It's a surprise to me that he ate it all.
We'll jump out and surprise everyone.
My good marks surprised my father.
My words surprised him.
I'm not really surprised.
She looked surprised when I told her.
To my surprise, they lost!
To everyone's surprise, she is the last winner.

Shame on you!
His face burned with shame.
Oh dear! What a shame!
He's a blind man.
One of her parents is blind.
You must wear this blindfold.

She feeds the baby with a spoon.
He spooned the ice cream into a cup and fed it to her.
I don't want to disappoint you. I'll do my best.
I hate to disappoint you, but I'm just not interested.
She felt very disappointed.

John is a boy from a poor family.
They were too poor to buy shoes for the kids.
He does many other things to help people in poor countries.
He's in hospital again. Poor Sam.
I feel sorry for that poor child.
Give me a shout when you're ready.
I shouted for help but nobody came.
Listen, lady, don't shout at me.
Please don't shout at me; I can hear.
The students like the high jump and the long jump best.

The weather was perfect.
I'm sorry,but nobody's perfect.
I have the perfect man for this kind of work.
We don't have enough money.
This house isn't big enough for us.
Two hours is not long enough for this work.
Don't make a noise.
Try not to make so much noise.
Listen! What's that noise? Can you hear it?

You can see the island from here.
It was a perfect day for a picnic.
It's a nice day. Let's go for a picnic.
Let's eat our picnic by the lake.
There wasn't enough water to float the ship.
If it's made of wood it will float.
The leaves floated on the water.
'What was that noise?' he gasped.

It breaks my heart to see you like this.
I left the island with a light heart.
She left her children behind with a heavy heart.
He's a good man with a good heart.
He has a nice mind and heart.
Can he read and write?
Write your name in the front of the book.
The teacher wrote the answers on the blackboard.

They sell all kinds of things .
She isn't that kind of girl.
What kind of music do you like?
It was really kind of you to help me.
The weather was very kind to us.
She has a kind heart.
Eggplant is a kind of vegetable.
Mango is a kind of fruit.
She's writing a new history of Europe.
I have a history class at 9 o'clock.

He works like a young man, full of energy.
He always works with energy.
She put all her energies into her work.
Wind Power is a kind of Green Energy.
But it is only one of my interests.
please let me know if you interest or not.
I'm very interested in history.
I'm not interested in sport.
I told him I wasn't interested.
That looks like an interesting book.
That book looks interesting.
Can't we do something more interesting?

Like I said, you're always welcome to stay.
The doctor said I had to stay in bed.
You can stay for the weekend if you like.
He never stays angry for long.

She is still hunting for a new job.
He's on holiday in Africa, hunting for animals.
When you "hunt" for something, you find it!
First, I thought it was a squirrel.

She always puts her children first.
She's always full of energy.
Chinese people are very good at gymnastics.
I like sports like gymnastics.
I'm not very good at drawing.
I'm not very good at saving.
I'm good at French.

After all, study comes first.
He's a child after all.

The clown looks sad.
We took the children to the circus.
The children always love to go to the circus.
There's only one ticket left.
Do you know how much the ticket is?

This china came from a junk shop.
There's nothing but junk on the TV.
It's not good to eat so much junk food.
Count and see how many trees there are in a row.
Let's sit down and count the money.

She was sitting on the floor watching TV.
Her room is on the second floor .
He lives on the top floor.
I live on the ground floor. (the first floor)
Books, shoes and clothes were jumbled together on the floor.

We are having a jumble sale at our school.
I'm a stuntman. This is the most dangerous stunt.
We can't wear jeans at work.
He wore jeans and cowboy shirts.
He was the stuntman that was burned.

The rocket crashed a few seconds after it left the ground.
The rocket was launched in March 1980.
Some people want to launch a war.
The country is now at war.

My shirt needs a button.
Let me push this button.
That doesn't happen very often.
This must never happen again.
what do you think will happen?

I need someone to help me.
I fell in love with someone.
I won't tell anyone I saw you here.
You needn't talk to anyone if you don't want to.
You never think of anyone but yourself.
It is time for somebody to do something.

I know it's here somewhere!
She needs to find somewhere to live.
He'll meet you anywhere you want.
Do you know anywhere I can buy a second-hand car?
I can't see it anywhere.

I will see you sometime next month.
I bought this sometime last summer.
He can leave anytime he wants.
He can call me anytime.
I can beat you anytime.

I need you to do something for me.
When I want to do something, I do it.
I'm not tired, I have to do something, I'm so bored!
We can't do anything.
Did you find anything?
I don't need anything from you.
There is nothing to eat.
We did nothing at the weekend.
She pressed the button but nothing happened.

Does he have any family?
I didn't eat any meat.
You can't go out without any shoes.
Take any book you like.
Getting drunk is a thing all young men do.
It's not a thing. It's a human being!
People want to do the right thing and buy 'green'
That was a silly thing to do !
The last thing I wanted to do was teach.

We don't want this document falling into the wrong hands.
The policeman wanted to see all our documents.
Nothing was found but a document.
We cannot change the past.
Leaves change colour in autumn.
We change our car every two years.
Nothing will make me change my mind.
The change of my hometown is so great.

Jason pressed a button and the door closed.
To close your document, press CTRL+ W on your keyboard.
She carried her son to the car.
You must carry ID at all times.
Who can help me carry this bag?

The box is too large to carry.
They have a large family to feed.
She was holding a large box.
I have a big plan for this Sunday.
We can't change our plans now.
He planned to leave Beijing on Monday.

I want a hamburger, a large coke and a cake.
It's time to go to Burger King.
I'm fed up with my job.
I'm angry because I'm fed up!

Let's go out for lunch.
Don't let the fire go out!
Press the "off" , the lights go out.
It's great to see you again.
His phone rings again.

The soup is still warm.
He was making plans for the future.
I'm thinking of your future, you know.
We're trying to plan our future. That's a good idea.
Winter is coming, and we must put on warm clothes.
The children jumped up and down to keep warm .

All plants need light and water.
Please turn off the light.
This is a light room.
My mom wants to buy me a light dress.
I have a light desk.
Let's light the candles. I want to have a computer.
I will light your way with this candle.
She lit the fire and began to make soup.

Let's have a barbecue!
Today is a good day for our barbecue.
If we don't, the future is hopeless.
I don't think we're hopeless.
She has hopeless tears in her eyes.

He often dreams of home.
I often go shopping with my mother on weekends.
We often slept under the stars.
It's unsafe for her to go alone.
Unsafe to play with fire.

She went to school alone.
I want to have a talk with him alone.
He felt unsafe and alone.
She lives alone and often feels lonely.
She felt lonely and hopeless.
We found a lonely road.

It's too late to save her now.
Thanks for doing that. You saved my life(= helped me a lot) .
We must try to save water.
I didn't think you liked sports.
Nora thought he was seventeen years old.
She closed her eyes, trying to think.
I saw Mr. Zhang in the street.
The bank is just across the street.

I roped myself to the tree.
He threw Jim a rope.

I hope your family are all well.
I hope we're doing the right thing.
I hope our dreams come true.
We walked across London at two in the morning.
If the street is busy, don't walk across.
He came across the road.

There was very little traffic on the roads.
He hoped to get a new truck and go back on the road.
He helped the children go across the road.
We parked by the roadside.

His life was in my hand.
If you don't help me, I'll lose my life.
We want to build a better life.
He told us the story of his life.
'We are trying to save lives.' he said.

Where's that smell coming from?
It smells delicious.
Smell this and tell me what you think it is.
Wow, you can smell all that?
They were all hungry and the food smelt good.

He smelt danger.
Your life is in danger.
Children's lives are in danger every time they cross this road.
You can fall, and it's very dangerous.
It's very dangerous for you!
The traffic here is very dangerous for children.
It's dangerous for her to go out alone at night.

You can go if you want.
Don't come if you're busy.
If you see him, give him this book.
You can stay for the weekend if you like.
Do you mind if I turn the TV off?
Do you want that cake? If not, I'll have it.

Don't forget your swimming trunks, George.
Get your swimming trunks on and start swimming!
I start work at nine.

He started the car.

She started cleaning the kitchen.

They also grow rice, potatoes, fruits and vegetables.
Can I have some fruits and some vegetables, please?
She was wearing a beautiful cotton dress.
You can eat cotton candy.

This carrot is for you.
I know this, it is carrot, am I right?

Is it OK if I leave now?
That's why I left so early.
I left my bags in the car

Why don't we go together?
Why not?
Why not go swimming with your friends? --Let's.

'How are you, mate?' — 'Not bad, mate, how's yourself?'
Dad, I have a new classmate.
I like my classmate, I like my teacher.
An old schoolmate is coming.
She is our middle schoolmate Xiao Jing.

Wash and dry the lettuce.
I bought it from a garage sale.
There are many boats, new and used, for sale.

We ate lunch together every day.
We sang a song together.
He had to tie her hands together.

Who is your favourite author?
Who is the author of this book?
I am a little caterpillar.

Wash your hands after using the toilet.
Can I use your phone?
If you use something, put it back!
I think a lot of people still like him.
There were a lot of people at the party.
They asked a lot of questions about China.
I have a lot of work to do.
He drank lots of milk.

I display my work to them to see!
He kicked the door hard.
He kicked the ball away.

I took her to the fair when she was 11.
Yesterday, he went to a book fair and bought a lot of books.
The library is in front of the gym.
It is very hot outside the gym.
My favourite place is gym.
Autumn is my favourite season.

'Was the car inside the garage?' — 'No, it was still outside.'
It was dark outside and I couldn't see much.
The outside of the house needs painting.
You can't open the door from the outside.

I walked around the outside of the building.
Every circle has 360 degrees.
Mark the wrong word with a circle.
She drew a circle on the blackboard.
He drew a monster and coloured it green.
It's over 80 degrees outside.

How much is this?
How much homework do you get?
How much is tow plus one?
How much water did you drink?
How many bottles of water did you drink?
How many students are there in your class?
How many eggs are there in the fridge?
How many days in a week?
I went to the library and took your books back.
You can play it in the playground.
It is time for them to play football on the playground.
I still dream of home.
I'm still very mobile.
Are you still coming with us?
I'm still looking for work.
The computer's down again.

How much is the new computer?
They sell new and secondhand computers.

Oh, dear! My pen is missing.
The toilets are over there, dear.
This camera is too dear/expensive.
Is this camera new or secondhand?
I still dream of home.
I'm still very mobile.
Are you still coming with us?
I'm still looking for work.
The computer's down again.

How much is the new computer?
They sell new and secondhand computers.
She never forgets her daddy's birthday.
She forgot to lock her door one day and two men got in.
Don't forget to take your camera.
The car stopped at the traffic lights.
I was stuck in a traffic jam.
I don't know how to pick good horses.
Pick a number from one to twenty.
He helps his mother pick fruit.
Eason, don't pick your nose, dear.
Don't pick your teeth.
It was her own idea.
Is the car your own?
It was late in the afternoon.
We went to bed very late.
We got up late.
I'm sorry I'm late.
Everyone is talking about him.
I talked to him yesterday.
I need to talk with you.
Nice to talk with you.
Hello, Rob. Can you talk with us?
Can I come too?
'Nice to talk to you.' — 'Nice to talk to you too.'
This wine is too sweet for me.
That's too bad.
It's too early to get up.
I knew I had to get up early.
We went swimming very early.
The first snow came a month earlier than last year.
I got up early the next morning to jog.
I hear you jog every day.
Did you jog this morning?
He burned a hole in the rug.

Why don't you come and see me sometime?
New students will come to our school sometime next week.
I'll meet you sometime this afternoon.
Sometimes I think he dislikes me.
I like him, but he makes me angry sometimes.
Sometimes I go by car.

So I can burn some calories.
Sometimes big fire can burn forests.
Look out, or you'll burn yourself.
I don't want to know how to burn down my house.
We stayed at/in a hotel.
I went to the seaside with my family last summer.
This farm has very rich land.
I am a farmer's son.
The farmer grows rice.
Can I help you? Who are you looking for?

So, are you here for Carnival?
The Carnival is exciting!
Don't come if you're busy.
Are you busy next Monday ?
Try to get some rest , you have a busy day tomorrow.
She's a very sweet old lady.
He's a true gentleman.
This way, please, ladies and gentlemen.
The dog bit me but didn't break the skin.
She fell off a ladder and broke her arm.
The bus broke down on the way.
The bridge broke down.
This is a true story.
Oh, come on,you know that isn't true!
I think he's a true genius.
You're a genius.
I'm an English genius!

Tim climbed on to the garage roof.
They built a snowman.
He made a snowman with a carrot nose!
He rolled a snowball.
The leaves begin to fall when autumn comes.
She fell off a ladder.
She was wearing a black dress.
Your dress is too little for the weather.
My daughter can dress herself.
Please dress the baby, George.
I need to go to party tonight. I need to dress up.
I like to dress up as the Superman or ET.
Children like to dress up.

One of the kids fell into the river.
'You must be Emma,' said Miss Green.
You must see a doctor, Wilma.
You must be joking!
I'm sorry, but I must go now.
You're joking. Are you serious?
That's only a joke.
She didn't get the joke.
I can't tell jokes.
You can't be serious!(= You must be joking!)
I'm not a very serious person.
Don't laugh boy. This is serious.
I hope you're not serious.
Seriously, I only smoke in the evenings.
He was seriously ill.
They're seriously rich.
Grace tapped on the bedroom door and went in.
He never drinks tap water.
She turned on the taps.
Do you smoke?
Do you mind if I smoke?
The room was full of smoke.
It's my turn to sweep the floor.
You room needs a sweep.
He swept the floor clean.
The ball rolled into the net.
I need to make a phone call.
Children need their parents.
Do you need any help?
I need to get some sleep.
'You're worn out, Laura,' he said. 'Go home and get some rest.'
You take a rest. Let me do it.
It's nice and cool here. Let's sit down and have a rest.
'You must be Emma,' said Miss Green.
You must see a doctor, Wilma.
You must be joking!
I'm sorry, but I must go now.
joke chopsticks serious seriously
You're joking. Are you serious?
That's only a joke.
She didn't get the joke.
I can't tell jokes .
You can't be serious!(= you must be joking)
I'm not a very serious person.
Don't laugh boy. This is serious.
I hope you're not serious.
Seriously, I only smoke in the evenings.
He was seriously ill.
They're seriously rich.

He is not the right person for you.
He's just the person we need.
The dancers spun round and round.
He wanted to be the fastest man on earth.
I am the happiest person on earth !
Get out of the house or I'll call the police .
The police made him lay down, and tied his hands behind his back.
If you don't get out I'll call the police. Do you hear?
Can you hear me?
We heard the train coming.
I heard them singing.
The earth moves round the sun.
They were sitting round the kitchen table
You can chat to other people who are online.
I still dream of home.
Are you still coming with us?
Please hold the vase and don't let it fall.
Hold this with your other hand!
I heard a bump in the next room.
With a skateboard, you can skate on the street.
I like skating, Can you skate?
In spring, there is no ice, but many people still want to skate!
The space craft will not land on the moon.
All day and all night airplanes land at the airport.
He went past the bank at seven yesterday.
It's ten past eleven
But the years went past, and the doctor became old.
Drop the noodles into the water .
He dropped his plate into the sink.
I was stuck at home with flu .
Their lorry got stuck in the mud.
The girl stuck a flower in her hair.
She moved away from the window.
I don't think I can win.
Who won the race ?
When does the race begin?
The train began to move.
Please state your height and weight.
She was given a huge bunch of flowers.
We gave him paint and brushes.
He is painting a huge volcano.
I made a guitar and painted it red.
Please state your height and weight.
She was given a huge bunch of flowers.
This is a lizard, but not mine. He's funny! My lizards looked like this.
The lizard lost its tail, but it was happy, not sad.
Is the water here safe to drink?
This is a safe place.
Because I just bite myself.
It will bite and eat you.
It's just a mosquito bite.
Another mosquito bit my face.
He was bitten by a mosquito.
The tiger's home is in the jungle.
We want to go deeper into the jungle.
I listen to the weather report every day.
I watched the weather report this morning.
I'm watching the weather report.
Do you know the weather report for tomorrow?
Now she was getting bad school reports.
What is your height and weight?
Bananas are sold by weight.
I want to lose my weight.
In spring, the trees and grasses are turning green.
The birds eat seeds and grasses.
The cold weather turned the leaves red.
Plants grow from seeds.
I grew some red onions.
The boys grew into men.
Let's grow some flowers over there.
Hangzhou is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
My pencilbox is more expensive than his.
We crossed the bridge over the river.
The bus hit the bridge.
There are four seasons in a year. They're spring, summer, fall, winter.
Spring, summer and fall went by, and winter came.
The telephone is by the window.
Come and sit by me.
My Uncle Jim had a high fever.
He has a cold, and he feels very bad and uncomfortable.
I have a bad toothache, I want to see the dentist.
I will fight the dragon.
The princess played with the dragon.
She put on her coat and went out.
I put the radio on.
The children put on a play.
I'm a grumpy old man.
Why does the sun shine?
The sun was shining and the sky was blue.
This room gets very little sunshine.
She made her bed, and tidied her room.
Let's tidy up the room.
The room is clean and tidy.
His bedroom was not very tidy.
The bedroom was very untidy.
My bedroom is tidier than his.
My bedroom is the tidiest of all.
Do you like this hot weather?
No,silly,those aren't your shoes!
We had to wear these silly little hats.
You silly boy!
Does he live with a Princess?
Do you live with a Princess?
Princess Anna said, "How do you do?"
The prince was turned into a frog by the witch.
She became queen in 1952.
He became king in 1932.
I have a sinking feeling.
How do you feel? I feel better now.
How are you feeling today?
My mouth felt dry.
The city has become very clean.
I want to become a doctor.
She became queen in 1952.
Kipper looked like a monkey.
Pull it out.
Don't wobble the desk.
Let me have a try.
Can I help you?
He put on a pair of glasses.
Today is my birthday. I want to bake a cake.
I will keep my word.
You have my word.

Thank you a thousand times, you're an angel.

What a din.

I'm scared.
I'm scared of my Dad.

I want the big one.
I want my car this colour
I want to go to shool.
I want to go home.

You can take photos here.
I want to take photos here.
You can see my tiger, if you look in the tree.

This sandcastle is good.
This sandcastle is better than that one.
This sandcastle is the best.

Put apples in your box.
Put books on your desk.
Have a go.
What a big dog!
Can you see my robot?
The sink was full of dirty dishes.
Let's dine out tonight, I'm too tired to cook.
I can cook with one hand.
Where do you live?
I live in Xuancheng.
Shoes off,please.

I like grape juice.
I like grape wine.
It is a bunch of flowers.
It is a bunch of grapes.
I hate Monday mornings.
Park the car.
Come and look at this.
Look at me.
Look at me on my bike.
Look after me.
"I am going." said Dad.
Go on.

Show me your books.
Happy new year.
Fire in the hole.
Here you are.
Welcome home.
Welcome back.
My favorite food is bread.
My favorite color is blue.
My favorites drink is coke, milk and juice.
My father is 35 years old.
Look at me.
See you.
See you later.
Listen to music and read.
Wash my face.
Wash my hair.
Brush my teeth.
This is my book.
These are my books.
Sing this song.
This is my grandma.
Open the door!
Close the window!
Today is Tuesday.
Tomorrow is Wednesday.
Yesterday is Monday.
Today is my father's birthday.
Answer my question.
Good night.
What's your name?
My name is Wu Yicheng.
What about you?
How are you? I am fine,thanks,and you?
Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you,too.
I am Wu Yicheng. I'm not a girl.
She is a girl. She is not a boy.
He is smart. He isn't stupid.
It is beautiful. It is not ugly
I am from China. I'm not from America.
You are tall. You are not Short.
You're 8 years old. You aren't 9 years old.
Am I handsome? Yes,I am.
Am I ugly? No,I am not
Am I a girl? No,I'm not.
Are you Chinese? Yes,you are.
Are you from America? No,you are not.
Are you 9 years old? No,you're not.
Is he short? Yes,he is.
Is he stupid? No,he is not.
Is she beautiful? Yes,she is.
Is she fat? No,she isn't.
Is she Japanese? No,she's not.
Is this an orange? No,it is not. It is an onion.
Is this an empty hat? No,it is not. It is full.
Is this a red car? No,it is not. It is yellow.
What is this?
This is a cup of water.
This is a cup of tea.
This is a glass of milk.
This is a bottle of milk.
This is a bottle of wine.
This is a book.
This is a walnut.
These are 8 walnuts.
These are two books.
What is that? That is a toy.
What are those? Those are toys.
How old are you? I'm 8 years old.
How old is your dog? My dog is 8 months old.
What is your dog's name? My dog's name is Friday.
Where are you from? I am from China.
Where is your dog from? My dog is from Italy.
How old is your mother's dog? My mother's dog is 2 years old.
Where is your mother's dog from?
My mother's dog is from Japan. So it is a Japanese dog.
Good Job!
What is your temperature?
I don't know.
Your hands are clean.
Are your hands clean?
Keep your hands clean.
I clean my room.
This classroom is very clean.
Both my mum and dad are teachers.
Both my mum and dad are 35 years old.
Both napkins are clean.